The Bordeaux blend of 48% Cabernet, 46% Merlot and 6% Cabernet Franc is an all-natural wine, unfiltered, additive-free, and aged in neutral oak barrels.  

From a recent tasting:
"Notes of blackberry and dried herbs, followed by leather and farmland.  Flavors of intense cherry and jammy fruits lead to an elegant sweet tannic finish of rosemary and tobacco."


This is my great grandfather Angelo Monello.  As a young man in 1920s Sicily, he fought the law and the law won. Angelo stood up against the Brownshirts of Mussolini’s Fascist movement. Mussolini put him in jail, then kicked him out of Italy.

Angelo made his way to America and settled in Boston, but he didn't settle his political passions or compromise his love of naturally made wine. He grew grapes out back and created his own blend in the cellar, using a simple, true and ancient method.


L’Anarchico~The Anarchist continues this uncompromising tradition of winemaking almost obliterated by industrialization. Estate grown in volcanic mountain soils on the Westside of Paso Robles and farm-crafted, bottle by bottle, this cuvée speciale is created in the heritage of authentic viticulture, with nothing added and nothing taken away.



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